Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Baby's Hunting Outfit

In addition to having a pretty cool hunting room, the little one also has his very own hunting outfit.

Crochet baby hunting outfit - Blaze orange cap, vest and booties with links to free patterns

I made the crochet parts myself based on the following patterns:

The hat was this pattern followed to the letter - Crochet Newborn Baseball Hat
The vest was this pattern, but I made it fewer stitches across and obviously used only one colour - Yellow Stripe Vest
And the boots were made following this pattern, but again using only one colour - Cuffed Baby Booties

This was taken before he really figured out how smiling works - I'll have to take another one now that he's got it down to an art. :)


  1. This is sooooo stinking cute!! Can I get your pattern for the pattern? I think yours is so much cuter!!! tasiabruderer@gmail.com :)

  2. I'd love to, but quite honestly I don't remember exactly how I changed the vest. Basically it was just to not chain as many across to start and then carry on that way. Sorry!

  3. Can I please get your pattern for the hunting outfit, I will b nana to a baby boy on or b4 January 1st. This would b so cute. cck82256@yahoo.com. Thank u very much

  4. Oh my gosh would you ever consider selling these? This would be the perfect Christmas gift for a little guy I know!

  5. Hi ladies - I'm apparently the worst blogger on planet earth - I just got around to logging in and seeing these comments now.

    Debra - The patterns are in the post above if you click the coloured text. I modified the vest as described, but I honestly can't remember the exact specifics of how many stiches less, it was so long ago. I'm sorry!

    Ashley - I would consider selling...But that would require that I knew where the heck I put the darn things when he outgrew them. haha I'm glad you liked them though!